VarenX now on Arbitrum, Avalanche & BNB Chain

Cross-chain swapping dApp VarenX goes multi-chain. After Polygon, VarenX is now also available on Arbitrum, Avalanche & BNB Chain! Here at Varen our main mission is to bring cross-chain DeFi to the masses by focusing on building and leveraging our core strength: creating stellar user interfaces and smooth user experiences. VarenX, the first cross-chain swapping dApp powered by Ren, successfully launched on Polygon with gasless swaps enabled by FreeWei some weeks ago. Now we are expanding our

Take the FreeWei: Gasless cross-chain swaps with VarenX on Polygon

Take the FreeWei: Gasless cross-chain swaps with VarenX on Polygon Our flagship cross-chain swapping dapp VarenX was launched on the Ethereum base chain a little over a month ago. Since then we’ve seen a total cross-chain volume of over $1 million, with each cross-chain transaction generating protocol fees for Varen. But one of the biggest bottlenecks in DeFi is high gas fees on Ethereum. Over the past year we’ve seen a surge of scaling solutions to address this. At Varen our goal is to bring

Introducing FreeWei

At VarenX we put user experience front and center. Removing friction is a key pillar of this strategy. This is why we developed a new feature called FreeWei, which enables gasless cross-chain swaps with VarenX on Polygon. In this post we’d like to go through the main questions you might have about this new feature. What is FreeWei? FreeWei is a new service exclusive to VarenX on Polygon that enables users to execute gasless cross-chain swaps. What does “gasless” mean? The concept of “gasles

Varen to Join Forces with Ren on Cross-Chain Infrastructure

Varen to Join Forces with Ren on Cross-Chain Infrastructure What started out as an integration of the renDOGE bridge months ago has blossomed into the launching of VarenX — the first cross-chain swapping dapp powered by RenVM. Our overarching vision for VarenX is to make cross-chain DeFi as accessible and liquid as possible for all users, and with VarenX v1 we have made the first step in achieving this. Abstracting away as many steps as possible is one of the main pillars of this vision. With

Introducing VarenX: a new cross-chain swapping dApp powered by RenVM

The Varen DAO is proud to introduce VarenX, a new cross-chain swapping dApp powered by RenVM. Swap your favorite RenVM-supported coins with VarenX at Until recently DeFi users had to jump through hoops and visit different platforms to achieve native to native decentralized cross-chain swaps. Now the Varen DAO has launched VarenX, with smart contracts and a user interface that abstracts away all these steps, saving you time, effort and gas. With VarenX, swaps like BTC to DO

Varen governance vault is LIVE!

Hi, Varen community! We are back with an update that covers a number of important items, so please read carefully. The VRN governance vault has been deployed. You can stake your VRN here, and you will receive yVRN. This is the token that represents your staking share in the VRN governance vault. The LP tokens from the previous Linkswap governance vault have been liquidated and these rewards will be distributed to VRN governance vault stakers after a week to give ample time for staking in the v

Introducing Varen: your Ethereum based multi-chain DeFi hub

Our community has resoundingly voted 100% in favor to permanently implement the rebrand away from YF Link to Varen! Please visit our new landing page at and get to know the products of Varen Suite, which currently includes: …and more to come, which we will lay out in our vision and development roadmap below. Our vision for Varen is to be an Ethereum based multi-chain DeFi hub, with a focus on bringing multi-chain services to retail DeFi users, powered by our DEX at