Linkswap Integrates RenVM

Frogs! We are proud to announce that Linkswap is working with Ren protocol to fully integrate their RenVM technology for cross-chain compatibility! Ren is an open protocol that enables the movement of assets between blockchains, enabling the wider blockchain space to take advantage of the passive income opportunities in DeFi on the Ethereum blockchain. After the success of the renDOGE integration, we will continue to use RenVM technology to increase the virtual cross-chain compatibility of Lin

Linkswap update: Staking Rewards, Roadmap and New Core Team!

Frogs! Today, the first round of rewards will be distributed to governance vault stakers. A big piece of the Linkswap ecosystem puzzle will be put in place. We will be activating the purchaser contract, which will market-buy YFL by selling the underlying assets and sending YFL to the yYFL contract for distribution to stakers. Unstaking YFL will claim your rewards as your yYFL is converted back to staked YFL + distribution. Please keep an eye out for further announcements on this! We now enter

LINKSWAP update: Governance Staking Rewards and New Reward Pools

Frogs! We want to give you a short but very juicy update on governance staking rewards. As you may know, staking $YFL in the governance vault yields passive income from LINKSWAP volume and LINKPAD profits. We have seen massive demand for this feature as governance staking recently reached a whopping 38% of total $YFL supply! And now, last night, a test of the LINKSWAP purchaser contract made its first successful on-chain transaction, seen here: Accumulated rewards in the governance contract si

LINKSWAP integrates renDOGE

Is it possible to resist the power of DOGE? At YF Link, we don’t think so. And we don’t beat around the bush about it. That’s why we’ve integrated renDOGE minting and burning on LINKSWAP through RenVM (shout out to Ren and OpenDAO for making this possible). We also added renDOGE/ETH and renDOGE/LINK pairs. You like? So, how do you finally get your DOGE into DeFi? Simple, you mint renDOGE with it. Check this out: 1/ Go to and connect your ERC-20 wallet (Don't have ETH yet? Buy he

Project Announcement: SPROUT

Frogs! Here at YF Link we take pride in being a community-run project delivering community-driven DeFi services. From LINKSWAP to LINKPAD to LINKSMAS, all of YF Link’s products and campaigns were seeds that germinated from passionate community members wanting to add value to the YF Link ecosystem. Now another idea has germinated: say hello to SPROUT! A significant driver of volume on DEXs is from newly listed tokens, having the potential to generate significant volume during the launch period

YF Link integrates Wyre for direct fiat-to-crypto purchases on LINKSWAP

As the weeks progress our community at YF Link continues to bring unique features to the DeFi experience. Now YF Link has entered into a strategic collaboration with Wyre to bring DeFi to the next wave of new crypto users! Wyre is on a mission to lower the barriers to entry for fintech-crypto entrepreneurs and users by offering them compliant ports into a regulated fiat world. As part of this collaboration, YF Link has implemented Wyre's payments technology with LINKSWAP to seamlessly allow non

LINKSWAP Partnership & New Pair Announcement: CyberFi (CFi)

Frogs! After the release of LINKSWAP - our next-gen Automated Market Maker geared towards the LINK community, we never want to stop pushing the boundaries of what it means to be "next-gen". Therefore, YF Link is proud to announce our partnership with CyberFi! CyberFi is a layer 2 DeFi solution for Automation and Complex Trading. CyberFi's first implementation for LINKSWAP is going to allow users to automatically add and remove liquidity based on price triggers. Creating a strategy and having a

Waffling on governance with YFL-senator @Originality

Do your eyes glaze over at the word ‘governance’? Do you feel a sudden urge to open a new tab to YouTube and disappear down a QAnon rabbit hole, rather than go through that new proposal on expedited voting procedures? Do you just want to know “When Binance?” so you can finally unload your YFL at break-even and fomo into Bitcoin? I get it. Governance of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s) like YFL is not as exciting as throwing fresh ETH at the next rug pull. I wasn’t into it either,