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Corona Journal #2: The coming storm

Published on 18th March 2020

WARNING: The following is not a piece of fact-based journalism, but a real-time dystopic documentation inspired by the surreality we live in. Reader discretion is advised. 

Confirmed cases: 2051 (+534)

Deaths: 58 (+15)

Days in self isolation: 7 

Symptoms: periodic shortness of breath

Body temperature: 37.0C


That is the sound of blissful obliviousness. 

In this simple act of spitting, the man walking in front of me says everything he needs to for me to turn around and walk the other direction. 

As I venture outside for some fresh air after a couple of days in self-isolation, I'm struck with the laid-back atmosphere on the streets. Like any given Sunday in Rotterdam. People jogging, carrying groceries, walking the dog, riding their bikes. And all of that within coughing distance of each other.

They don't know what awaits in the coming storm.

They know in Italy. They're seeing the largest medical mobilization and restrictions of freedom since the Second World War. Two weeks ago Italy was at 2,036 confirmed cases. Now they're at more than 35,000.

We're at 2,051 today. Will we continue to ignore warnings from the future?  

In the past 24 hours 475 Italians lost their lives to the virus. One last breath every three minutes. And they died alone. No family or friends to comfort them in those last moments. This virus is ruthless.

Spring is here. In case you missed it.